Preliminary Program

1 October 2020 (Thursday)
08.30-10.00: Registration
10.00-12.30: Plenary Session with invited keynote speakers
14.30-17:30: Research Forum in different sessions
17.30-18.00: Poster presentations
19.00: Reception and conference dinner
2 October 2020 (Friday)
09.00-12.00: Research forum in different sessions
12.00-13.00: Closing plenary, summary of the sessions


Topics (Planned sessions)

  1. Animal husbandry and nutrition
    Heat stress workshop
  2. Crop production, breeding, pest control
  3. Horticulture and viticulture
  4. Soil science and agrochemistry
  5. Environmental and water management
  6. Nature conservation, zoology, botany
  7. Bioethics and environmental education
  8. Agrobusiness
  9. Rural and regional development
  10. Alternative economics and corporate sustainability
  11. Generational turnover and carrier guidance in agriculture
  12. Agricultural marketing, local products
  13. Quality improvements and quality management in the agriculture
  14. Economic and social impacts of climate change
  15. Tourism and catering, economics
  16. Information and communications technology in agriculture, logistics
  17. Energy storage
  18. Renewable Energy Sources (in English language)
  19. Agricultural impacts of climate change (in English language)
  20. KRAFT

Conference language: English/Hungarian
Location: University of Pannonia, Georgikon Faculty, Building D Keszthely, Festetics Gy. u. 7.
GPS coordinates: 46.749639,17.24051